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Michelin road 5 trails

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I wouldn't have put it on either but it was all I could get.
The 1000 is much harder on tyres. Both Bridgestones I've  used, oe and A40 lasted 6k each on the rear,  Michelin pilot road 4 lasted 5k rear and the road 5 standard 4k. No front has went more than 9k. I'll be happy if I get 4k I guess then the front will last another rear.

Well I suppose that's the price you pay for having more power, if I was taking a pillion I'd need the 1000, 2 up for me on the 650 with stock suspension is not good, fine for solo riding though,
might try the anakee adventure next time for a change, Road 5's are not much good on loose gravel, great road tyres though.

I'm a few hundred miles into a set of Anakee Adventures. Switched from rather square Anakee IIIs.
No idea on longevity yet but I love the feel of them. That might be the usual effect that new tyres will always feel nice but I find them really confidence inspiring. No increase in road noise, although I'd never notice over the exhausts anyway. Done a few gravel car parks and a couple of grass fields amongst all the usual back lanes and I really like them so far.
The dual compound made my mind up as I'd rather feel like I've used the whole tyre in 5k than have a square tyre with life in the shoulders at the same age.

150 miles on the new 5's yesterday. Almost crashed into a parked car just outside my driveway as the bike turned so quick but got used to it in no time. Nice to have a round profile tyre on the rear again after to many miles on a square one. The thing I always liked about the pilot roads is how comfortable they are compared to some other tyres, not harsh on bumps at all. So happy for now but that might change if it's as bald as my head in 3k!


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