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Michelin road 5 trails

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Had a set fitted today. Michelin has a rebate on till 30th of April for 30 quid off but you'd need to be quick!
 Not my first choice of tyre or even my second but the fitter said they just can't get stock and this is the biggest tyre company in Northern Ireland.
 I wanted to try Pirelli or Metzeller but no joy. I liked the road 5's I had before but as I'm only a dry weather biker now I burned the last rear off to quick, 4k and that was the standard rear which they didn't have so I'm on the even shorter lived trail!  Time will tell.

Hugo Magnus:
Thank you for that they are great tyres very good on wet and painted surfaces.

They are great but short lived tyres, if it’s any consolation the Pirelli scorpion 2 disappear at the same rate.

Cheers Relevant11, that's the tyre I wanted to try, maybe next time.
I know these are a good tyres I've used the 3's, 4's and the 5 before but got less and less mileage from each new model. When this rear wears out I'll replace with the older pilot road 2 which used to last me 6k on other bikes.
 I did get 7k out of the last rear tyre a aneke3 so it can't be all my fault!

I wouldn't even put the trail version Road 5 rear on my 650, the last front trail lasted 13500 miles and still had life left in it, rear road version will last me around 9000 miles.


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