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Fuel exhaust 1050xt

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After a lot of thought and research, plus a phone call to Fuel exhausts, I decided to buy their oval Diablo mini in carbon fibre. I am well pleased with the decision, it works and looks well and saves a shedload of weight (3.6kg). At £330 all up with postage and silicone sealant I think is reasonable. I ordered it on Sunday and received it three days later. The fit is perfect, unlike a lot of aftermarket kit that needs fettling and swearing to set up.

It really suits the bike, enjoy. :thumb:

How does it sound ?
Noisy, just a little louder than stock ?


--- Quote from: stevewestern on April 28, 2021, 08:13:03 ---How does it sound ?
Noisy, just a little louder than stock ?

--- End quote ---
It is not noisy with the baffle in, but has a deeper  more pleasing tone. Sounds a lot better than stock. I guess it would be noisy with the baffle out but do not know, and won’t be finding out.

Mark Shelley:
Boughton? The Mrs and I often go cycling around there.


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