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A little bit more work at Bikers Campsite

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Fat Rat:
Last year was the first year we ever had problems with Vans and Motorhomes making it up the field, the rain we had was biblical. So we have taken the plunge and are concreting the main Campsite entrance with enough run up that all should now be well.

Since last year we have replaced all of the drainage from the Showers and installed a new Septic Tank with a mega soakaway.

This weekend have started the groundwork for the Shower/Toilet going behind the Cabins. I should have the concrete base in next week and I will start the blockwork the week after.

Is that bamboo in the last picture?

Isn't it a f*cker? A real b*stard, good luck digging it out.

Have fun. :thumb:

Fat Rat:
Slab laid.

Looks like they got it wrong in this video. See 1:13...

Fat Rat:
Technically, it's outside  :)


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