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Puig light smoke screen

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High, does anyone have any experience/thought's on this screen before I take the plunge. Just to add I have a cockpit bar, and it appears that the said screen mounts on a different arrangement.

The Doctor 46:
I replaced my screen with a Givi Airflow. I am happy with it but to be honest, the original screen was very good too. My bike makes more noise with the aftermarket screen. I would reconsider whether or not you really need to replace yours.  :thumb:

buy a spoiler to fit on top of your original screen works great no more buffeting. :thumb:

I have an extender but still get some buffeting hence the change. I'm 6" and tall in the body.

Have you tried the tap washer mod on your current screen setup? This inexpensive mod was often used on the earlier models, https://www.v-strom.co.uk/smf/index.php?topic=9238.0. Maybe worth a look at. I make use of the spacer mod plus an Areotrim spoiler. The spoiler is adjustable for tilt, https://flyingbrick.co.za/product/aerotrim-wind-deflector/.


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