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Barbel Mick:
I have bought a few things from the Sportsbikeshop over the last few years and always been satisfied with the service. However, I would like to praise them publicly on the service I received on my last order.
On Mon 5th (Bank holiday Monday) I ordered a new communication system from them.
On Tuesday 6th at 07.30 I was awakened by the courier with the delivery of the above item!  :thumb:
I also think I should give mention to the courier (DPD) for their service too.  :thumb:

The Doctor 46:
That is service above and beyond the call of duty. I have bought from Sportsbikeshop too and can't praise them enough.  :text-goodpost:

Rusty Nuts:
I must admit to being rather a fan of DPD ( was that my p45 landing on the mat?)

Always had great service from both party's and Rusty's lot as well  :thumb:

I concur, Sportsbikeshop are excellent, generally amongst the cheapest, fast delivery and great after sales, as I found out with a faulty battery charger 10 months after purchase.  Highly recommended! 


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