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High safety (yet as comfy as possible) jeans

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A local shop actually sells a lot of draggin. often with discount. Are they really that good? I see a lot of marketing material praising them... making me think something is wrong. (:

I suspect their retail prices are a little inflated based on them being the self proclaimed 'original' aramid bike jeans.
I certainly bought them based on reviews and tests suggesting they offered a very good level of protection and have found them to be comfortable and well fitting. I am willing to accept the extra weight on the understanding that weight and protection are always going to correlate to some degree when everyone is making their jeans out of similar materials.
Do they actually work as well as claimed? Frankly I hope I never find out ;)

* I bought mine heavily discounted from eBay, wouldn't have coughed at rrp.

Anyone had any experience of Roadskin jeans?  British, direct to the public and  seems to be a good price for AAA approved jeans. 
However, I'm a new rider (used to wearing textile three seasons gear) and never had armoured jeans, so a bit wary it all sounds too good to be true!?

Good article about ratings and constructions which happens to mention the Roadskin jeans, although not review them specifically.

Protection will always be a compromise with comfort (and I dare say style).
My compromise was part lined jeans with a very heavy liner, I figured these would give me the most protection in key areas and make up the cooling in the unprotected areas (I never run low cut boots for instance).
The testing regimes can't predict what other gear you're running so an AA rated jean without lining below the knees may be just as protective to someone in high boots as the AAA fully lined is if you're running low boots.
Like most products I guess, define your use case and go from there.

I’ve had the road skin jeans for a few years now, they’re a little thicker being fully lined with Kevlar but I kind of like that. Breathe very well  on hot days and surprisingly when caught out in an unexpected down pour didn’t wet out immediately . Well made and v robust .


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