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High safety (yet as comfy as possible) jeans

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Sorry to hear that, I don't think any jacket will protect you from a direct impact, a good helmet can obviously save your life, I seem to ride in the Bullit Covec jeans all the time they are so comfy, sometimes pull a set of waterproofs over them if it's cold or showery, I have leather and textile pants but never really seem to use them.


--- Quote from: timangus on April 05, 2021, 17:57:31 ---the Klim jacket with its D30 armour didn’t stop me getting a badly broken collarbone, 6 broken ribs and a punctured lung.
--- End quote ---
Your off sounds extremely similar to one I had 3 years ago, only I was wearing an airbag vest (Helite Turtle) at the time. In my case, I still got the broken collar bone (from landing on my shoulder I suspect, though I have no memory of the impact), but my remaining injuries were confined to some bruised ribs.   So I happily put up with the ribbing and rolling eyes from 'cooler' riders eying up my airbag kit at coffee stops...

Just bought a pair of Bull-it covec jeans (mainly for riding around town on my Bobber) looked at many reviews of bike denim and needed to replace my rather ancient Draggin jeans. Tried many makes on and some especially the Oxford ones looked ridiculous, the best for me seemed the Bull-it ones and bargain price of £69.99

Draggin Jeans and yes I have tested them in a 95 MPH off on a Belgium motorway. They stood up very well and did not go through the Kevlar.

I have heard good reports on hood as well. Good aftersales service and british made. I will be going that route soon


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