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High safety (yet as comfy as possible) jeans

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Any suggestions on topic?

I have a pair of Hood jeans. Very comfy and fully lined, not just at so-called impact points. The only downside to that (according to some) is they are warmer than the others. As a bona-fide wuss I like being warm, so like them even more for that reason. Price is reasonable too, in my opinion. Selling Rokkertech jeans for £300+ is expensive. The Hoods cost me about half that.

I have some Drayko (Draggin under a different name I believe) Razzo jeans.
Very comfortable as they have a mesh liner so the Aramid never touches your skin.
They are warm and fairly heavy but they feel strong and secure, armour is easy to fit although it is sold separately.

I've got these.
have never tested them in anger, but they are comfortable and not as hot as Draggin Jeans.

Two years ago I bought PMJ - Promo Jeans Titanium certif. Level 2, safe, comfortable and well taylored


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