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Recommend me a comfortable seat

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For a 12 650. And if anyone has one for sale even better

Top Sellerie!! Fitted 3 years ago. Well pleased with it. Brexit might have made it awkward to get now, though.
It's French.

I bought a medical gel seat pad at a fraction of the price of any seats and so far its allowed me to last much longer


Sargent seat works great for me.

Do try a beaded seat cover first though, cheap fix and they work great for my boney backside.

Rusty Nuts:
Mac1, is it the foam density or the shape that you're unhappy with? I found the standard 2012 glee seat sloped too mch towards the tank. 3d mesh cover seems the cheapest option to try first, evens the weight distribution out a bit, might stop the plums being pushed into the tank.
I went full bespoke, had it widened, flattened and raised a bit. Suited me, but not the chap who bought it, unfortunately. Seats (and screens) are very subjective, one person's ideal recommendation might be your worst nightmare.


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