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Givi Trekker Alaska or Kappa K-Venture 37 or Trekker Outback with rack for 1000

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Hello blokes,

I'm after a set of (one of them of course  :grin: ):
Givi Trekker Alaska
Kappa K-venture 37
Givi Trekker Outback - but only with a rack for 2016 :) - or maybe somebody have a rack for sale? Only

Many thanks


out of curiosity - why it has changed from g.uys to blokes?  :smirk:

Welcome to the automated language filter, over time you'll get used to completely ignoring it, writing what you were going to write anyway and having it make little or no sense once it's posted :)

The Givi Alaska is the updated version of the Outback, with some good improvements, though I own neither at this stage.  Like you I’ve been looking and studying.  Coming in at similar prices it’s a no brainier for me.  Go for the updated and improved version, The Alaska!

Mr Nick:
The site isn't American so there's a filter that changes the words from over there that have crept into use here back to the English version. You'll get used to using words that it doesn't want to change eventually. It brings some light relief when things are a pain in the donkey.


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