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DL 1000XT 2019 end can

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Frank Shannon:
Hello Folks, looking for some advice.  Thinking of changing the end can on my Strom 1000XT (2019) with the hope of getting a bit more horse power/torque.  Been looking at threads but cannot find info as to effect on power with the end cans discussed. Can anyone reccommend an end can that sounds nice and gives a bit more horse power/torque without remapping etc. The Holy Grail I know, but worth a punt.
Frank Shannon

To be honest I don't think you'll find any more horse power with just an end can. I've tried two, fuel and remus. The fuel can made the bike stumble at low revs plus was too loud for me, the remus is OK on both. I change back an forth between the remus and the oe can and I think my bike runs better on the oe, pulls better low down and I like the quiet life!

Mr Nick:
Any claimed gains without ancillary work will be marginal. I replaced the cans on the KTM and I'm not sure there's any difference. On paper maybe, but in reality; no.
The straight swap can market is geared for looks & sound. Or removing the cats that were a serious burn risk as the case was for me on the 990.

A bit more noise:- tick.  Improved looks  :- tick.  but the best reason. for me,  is to lose two thirds of the weight of the OE thing.

For a slight boost in power, maybe you could have look into flashing the ECU or installing a power commander.  Have you had a look at https://www.v-strom.co.uk/smf/index.php?topic=38514.0 ?


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