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How well does your pinlock work? Below 10 Celsius, I get fog inside the screen after maybe 15 min. driving.

I wear glasses (if this makes any difference)

It's not perfect for me, but definitely an improvement over what it's like without.

I'm with StromGeeza - definitely much better than nothing. Have you checked yours is properly adjusted? The mounting pins are eccentric and can be adjusted to ensure the Pinlock screen seals tightly against the visor.

I find mine has it's limits but doesn't really become a major pain until just above freezing or in heavy rain. Closing vents or wearing any kind of buff which restricts airflow has the biggest negative effect. A nose guard helps a great deal by directing humid breath downwards. There are different grades of Pinlock as well (30, 70 and 120) and sometimes the ones supplied with helmets are at the lower end of the range, the higher the number the better the fog resistance. I also find storing my lid indoors so it's not stone cold when I put it on helps reduce fogging, and is just generally nicer.

Darren marsh:
I could not ride without mine I leave for work at 5.30am  and its a 30 mile ride this morning it was thick fog and temperatures went to -1 I got condensation around the pinlock on the main visor however the pin lock stays clear for me to do my 30mile trip to work happy days 😀


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