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Engine oil overfill?


How many milliliters would you have to overfill by to do damage to the engine? My filling container only went up to 750 ML so I had to guess where the one Litre was thinking I could sorted out at the end by looking through the oil level window. So in the end the oil level window shows just over the low mark. Should this be OK?

Anywhere in the oil sight glass would be OK but purists would probably like it exactly on the full mark.

As for over filling.... A 100 or so CCs won't harm at all ..

I've never measured out the oil from a bottle to go in the engine.

Just use the sight glass or keep checking the dipstick if the bike has one.

But yeah anywhere in the window should be OK.
Just at or slightly below the high mark when the bike is held upright.
Note... not on the centre stand as this raises the rear of the bike giving a false reading.

Barbel Mick:
Same as Mr Diver, I never measure how much I put in after a change. Just fill slowly after about 2L until it's about right. Then run the engine for a minute or two. If you've changed the oil filter it will drop anyway (you can fill the oil filter a fair bit before putting it on first) then, after a few minutes to let it settle, just top up as necessary. The book says anywhere between the low & high mark is OK.


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