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So for the past few yers I've stuck to pilot road tyres (2,3,4 and now 5 ), but as the 5s are trail tyres they tend to be rather soft and square of quite quick so was thinking of something different.
Whos using what?
Road only.

Darren marsh:
bridgestone BT 023 sport tourer
put them on in the summer I use my bike for commuting and do 300 miles per week they are great tyres for me and my riding
Mind you bike has bike in garage for the last 2mths due to this sh*t weather we are getting
Few more weeks and should be back it  on everyday for work yippee can't wait its the only time I get to work and have a smile.on my face

+1 for BT 023 tyres.

I'm pretty sure you can get the rear in a "non" trail version.

They are identical in appearance but the "non" trail version is a harder compound, as for the front , you could still use the trail .  :shrug:

BT 023 are an excellent sport touring tyre, longer lifespan than the newer T30/31 Evo.
Wet grip is marginally improved on the newer version... still it takes a hand full to get the rear to step out on SWMBO's GSX14, and I won't skimp on her tyres! But the BT023 is my tyre of choice.

The Road 5 comes in trail front in the 19" but the rear can come in the standard. Just don't buy a pair deal as it'll be a trail rear.

The Pilot Road 4 is generally considered a longer lived tyre than the newer 5 and doesn't have the nasty tendency to scallop both front and rear like the 5. Wet weather grip marginally better on 5 but 4 is the better package. Also was/is avaliable in trail rear.

Seems manufacturers were making excellent tyres that gripped and lasted well, but then people stopped buying so many tyres.  :shrug:

So the later generation have improved grip but shorter lifespan. = sell more tyres  :happydance:  :dance:

But M&P have recently had A40 Adventure on offer for £99-115 (don't know that its at now)
And they are road tyres with an aggressive looking tread - they ain't worth $hit if you take them on anything more than hard packed dry dirt... so basically anywhere you'd take a road tyre.  lol

Last well enough and you can buy two pairs for the price of one set of Road 5


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