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Oil shelf life

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I have a sore head after reading all that :angry-banghead:
I use Motul 10w 40 semi synthetic, change oil and filter every time, never noticed a production date on the oil container before, have to check now as I have a few extra 4 litre jars still on the shelf.

Checked it to today it's Sept 2019 production date on the 3 jars of Motul 10w40-4T I have, no best before date on the motul, on some car oil I have I see a best before date on it alright, 5 years from date of production, never knew about these dates on oil before.

Saw this and had to do it

Well my oil shelf has had a long life.

Rusty Nuts:
According to the quarterly journal of petrochemical engineering and science, the shelf life formula is 1/2 δ. Where δ is the length of an oil thread on an internet forum.


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