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Oil shelf life

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It was a bike spec oil, Motul 5100 15w50. I only rode it 5 mile but the gearbox seemed more clunky, could be my imagination who knows, seems better now with the normal Castrol in it.
I would not have put the oil in my car, nothing fancy just a wee Suzuki swift but the nephew's car is a real banger and bike oil will be better than the Asda or Tesco crap he'd normally use. I think the 4litre oil can is worth more than the car!

15w50 being a heavier oil, I would think the engine would be quieter and the gearbox smoother.  :shrug:

It's strange how a different oil seems to give a different gear change.

Back on the strom when I was doing 4-5 oil changes a year I tried different oils and found Silkolene XP (semi synth) and Super 4 10w40 gave the best "feel" to the gear change.
Motul 3100 or 5100 was OK, came out not as dark.
Shell fully comp (on offer in m&p) was crap
Castrol was nearly as nice a "feel" as Silkolene XP semi synth/Super 4 but more expensive.

But I kept going back to Halfords and buying their own brand (made by Comma) 5ltr for £23 with the trade card.
Gear change felt the same as with Silkolene after 200miles, 5ltr instead of 4 and nearly half the price.
Would come out manky as, but that's also a good thing as it's cleaning the carbon out of the engine.

The expensive (when not on offer) Shell was best avoided as it came out quite clean and runny like water.

I've also tried basic semi synthetic halfords (Comma) car oil in the Strom for around 15k miles.
No ill affects.

Gearbox did go pop at 60k but had nothing to do with oil.  :bawl:

I never liked Silkolene oil that much, always change it out on any bike I have. Comes from way back in 1991 when their pro4 oil came out a few racers here got sponsorship including the bloke I helped out, by 4 race's into the season all the freshly built engines ( some by legend Tony Scott) had went big time. We where OK as we'd some Shell Gemini left from last season and not used the Pro4! I'm sure the oil is different now, much different.
 I think the old vstrom will run on pretty much anything. I nearly brought the Halfords full synthetic oil, I would have but seen it was a 5w40, thought that might be a bit thin for a big twin.
I'll be dubious now about buying oil of ebay again, think in future I'll just pay the extra tenner or so and get it from Halford's or a bike shop.  But I hate going to bike shops as I always see a bike, jacket, helmet etc etc I like better than mine!!!

Bike service is due about a month before the car so I just get bike oil from Euro Car Parts at the same time as I get the car stuff.
They always have daft discounts on if you click and collect, think I'm on the Shell Advance Ultra fully synth stuff at the moment. Yes it's pricy and very possibly not worth the extra money but pampering the heck out of my vehicles gives me a warm fuzzy feeling so I pay the price :)

Do they really have all these "fancy" motorcycle specific oils in third world counties, or for that matter right across the US.
Reading BurgmanUSA forums suggests not.
The Kawasaki GT that I have just sold, after 30 years use, and 36k miles,(H reg), still sounds like a sewing machine. It only ever got "car oil", 'cos that's all there was in 1990.
But car oils didn't have the additives they do now.
Even DL650s used to manage on "MOTOR OIL" (Per 2004 User Manual)


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