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Oil shelf life

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Bought some oil of Ebay the other month, never looked much at it and after putting it in the other day I noticed its product date was 04/16. Save to use or lesson learned?

Mr Nick:
If the additives package was so volatile that it evaporated through the lid of the container, it wouldn't last very long in a hot engine. A big part of the package is there to neutralise compounds harmful to the engine so, unless those somehow seeped into the container, everything should be there waiting for use.
it's just another modern trait that everything has to acquire a date after which it is no longer useful, where we were happy to use them many years after without incident in the past.

I always thought production dates were for quality control (for lubricants etc anyway) e.g. if they realised a batch of oil wasn't up to spec they could recall those produced between certain dates.

Suppose it depends what wood the shelf is made of...  :shrug:

Glad it wasn't just me who thought that, Dark-Strom! :whistle:


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