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Header pipe bolt advice needed.

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I want to check if the header bolts are tight on my 2020 650 as I have removed aftermarket exhaust and wondered if the stock rear header has worked loose a bit with tampering of the system. The front is fine and easily accessible. The rear header is a different kettle of fish! I removed the front sprocket cover and with a shortened allen key head should be able to tighten the the nearest bolt. But the right side (as riding) is really hidden. Cannot see from inspection gaps or from under seat. Any idea how to access this bolt without dismantling too much of the bike?  :shrug: Thanks in advance.

When you say aftermarket exhaust, are you referring to the silencer..?

If so, the rear header should be OK.

No, Black Widow (excellent but loud!) aftermarket installation for Gen 3 requires removal of all original pipes except rear header. After having removed stock, installed new system, then removed new system after several months and reinstalled stock, I want to check the rear header which has been subject to 'waggling' 4 times and may well have worked a bit loose. The question is, how to get to the right hand bolt on the rear header which appears hidden?

Personally I don't think you have much to worry about , it'll take some doing to loosen the rear header however, if you still want to check it I'm pretty sure you need to dismantle quite a lot to get to it if you haven't got specialist tools.

Yes should be OK. Prob have to remove fairing etc. Souds OK so will leave well alone - thanks. :thumb:


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