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  Question for the team, has anyone seen or have a link to a new replacement clutch cable for a DL650 AL2.I have searched and searched but can only find OE cables at Suzuki’s outrageous prices.

I feel your pain but of all the parts on your Vstrom a clutch cable isn't worth scrimping on.

I bought a spare for my F8 GSA .... Ouch ..  :shock:

    All I want it for is a spare, it may never get used with
a bit of luck.🙏

Barbel Mick:
What about something like this Ian?
This is £10 from Halfords but you can buy them cheaper from e-bay & other on line places.

I have seen these before Mick and have a throttle cable repair kit already.I kept a spare cable in the back box of the Wee for several years but it is now redundant as I have the Glee.If you are on tour (hopefully) it is much easier to just swap the cable for a new one than start repairing your original and it takes virtually no room laid flat in the box.If anyone has a spare for a Glee could they possibly measure the inner and outer cable total lengths for me please.


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