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Givi Arflow for the 2021 V-Strom 1050(XT) available.

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Rhino VStrom:
The new Airflow 2021 V-Strom 1050(XT

Love the colour of your bike too.

What’s the verdict compared to  the the standard screen?

How did you manage to find that one? I only managed to find D3117ST which I just received yesterday.

Bonne - how are you getting on with the screen? I also purchased the 3117ST screen and mounted it yesterday. It’s HUGE!
I’m 180cm tall and I can’t see over the screen, I’m looking through it.
Which is OK in perfect weather conditions but yesterday riding home from work at night it was raining and that, combined with car headlights, street lights etc, made for pretty poor visibility.
I will look at getting the screen shortened a bit.


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