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Long lasting or what !!

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Hello all just reading another thread about new motorcycle boots.....got me thinking, do any members have any piece of kit that has truly stood the test of time and they are reluctant to part with.......mine are my boots.....ALTBERG....( they were popular with the forces )....
not strictly motorcycle footwear but fully waterproof and very comfortable..... Altberg would also fit a gear lever pad on the boot if required and also offered a full refurbishment service...... I purchased mine in 2004 ( and a pair for the wife )....we only use them for our tours...still as good as new......QUALITY !! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Steve T:
Altbergs boot for me as well.

Wore a set out after 12 years and 1 re-furb visit back to the factory  :grin:. Shame they stopped doing re-furbs as I'm sure they same boots would be with me now  :thumb:

New pair at the beginning of the year - still breaking them in  :grin:

Steve T


    +1 for Altberg,had a pair of Clubmans about 25 yrs ago, in 2009 (I only know this as the new set has a date inside) I went to the works en-route back from Scotland and purchased a pair of lighter lace up boots.The sales person asked me what I planned to do with my Clubmans and offered a refurbishment for £50 including posting back to me.I accepted his offer and I have just started wearing them again this year,as I call them my”winter boots”and keep the lighter lace-ups for summer use only.Both pairs are totally waterproof.The refurb.included new soles(the old ones were worn out) new velcro and new linings, a bargain in my opinion.

Boots again. This time my Daytona Roadstar GTX. Bought in 2002, I had them resoled by Daytona about 5 years ago. Just this year the rubber pads on the top for the gear change etc has cracked and so I've removed them. Still totally waterproof though and very comfy for off the bike.

Hugo Magnus:
I concur, My Altberg's are relatively new (2013) and have covered 60-70,000 miles; they remain waterproof in the heaviest of storms and are very comfortable. :text-goodpost:


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