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New Project - VW Beetle 2003 EV

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I've got a new project. Converting a 2003 Beetle to electric.

If anyones interested, it's going to have the Inverter from a Gen 3 Prius, a motor from a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV coupled to the existing gearbox. Battery pack will either be from a BMW hybrid or a crashed Leaf ~400v.

I may need help from a friendly forum member with a lathe to turn down the motor shaft coupler once I've welded them together.

If anyone needs any parts related to the engine or fuel systems they'll be available soon.


If I can be of any assistance please give me a shout. :thumb:

Joe Rocket:
I think we need a Jack Sparrow corner.  lol


Now this could be good to read.

Rusty Nuts:
Will it need SVA?


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