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Brake caliper service kits.


Powerhouse Automotive (UK) Ltd.
Supplied a service kit for front and rear calipers for my 1990 VX800.
Everything fits and the replacement pistons are beautiful stainless steel (unlike the seized, chromed and pitted originals).
About £120
Two day delivery to my chosen click and collect.
I found them on Ebay but you can deal direct with them.
They are a UK company based in Chesterfield.

I've used them twice now and always good service and quality parts. I have their seals and two pistons in the garage ready for the front caliper rebuild.

They also offer refurbishment services from seal replacement to full strip down and respray.

The Sportsbikeshop: - supplied EBC brake discs for my VX 800 and their price was £199.40. :dance: The same discs direct from EBC were £262.  :shrug:  How does that work?
Big thanks to 650XT Pete for suggesting "Sportsbikeshop".


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