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DL1000 K2 Madstad Screen query

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I was out on my Vee (is that right? DL1000) yesterday, did about 200miles around the beautiful Scottish Borders ending up at Carlisle Airport.
The bike was brilliant but for the first time ever riding bikes for 30yrs I experienced "buffeting" , to the point my vision was blurred.
The bike has an MRA screen with an adjustable "wing" on the top which I played about with but nothing worked around 80mph.
I don't like the look of the Givi Air ...  but the Madstad gets great reviews and looks fine, but I keep reading "stock screen" , so do you have to have a stock screen as well as the Madstad or do you remove everything and fit it on it's own?

Also..could I fit my MRA screen to Madstad brackets to save a few quid.?

old git:
I went from standard screen to MRA and this did improve bufetting but still wasn't great and noise was so bad I had to wear ear plugs for the first time in 40 years. I love the bike and thought I'd just have to live with it. Everyone seems to experience different levels of noise and buffering no matter what screens are used. I read a lot about people changing from standard mirrors and getting results. I took the Suzuki mirrors off and went for a ride and noticed a massive improvement. Not wanting to do without mirrors completely and after reading good reports about mirrors from Halfords I thought I'd give them a try. They were £20 plus postage and they are a great improvement. I'm back to riding without ear plugs and the functionality of the new mirrors is close to standard.
It might be worth taking a 20 quid punt rather than spending a lot more on a screen?

My bike is 2016 DL1000

Rusty Nuts:
It seems, oddly, you can't buy the bracket without a screen for the k2 DL1000. That makes it an even dearer punt. You say you have an MRA "wing" on your screen. Is it the Vario type with about 7 slightly different positions, or the x-creen type with just one arm each side and much more adjustment? I fitted the x-creen touring version on the glee, and it worked very well. I've just put the sport version on the KTM and that's very good too. Much more useful than the small vario spoilers, which have two short arms of unequal length at each side. The x-creen comes with clamps to fit your existing screen and a bolt on kit if you're brave enough to drill your screen. I was. It's easy.

Just a note of caution.
Double check what ever you are thinking of purchasing will fit as I think the 2002/3 Vee screen mount is different to the later Vee and Wee models.

Good shout Endintears, pre 2004 vees have a fixed screen. From 2004 onwards the vee and the wee had the same height adjustable screen setup. They are not interchangeable.


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