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after naffing about with the standard screen , all positions, tilting using spacers , mirror extenders,thought of getting the dremel to it to shorten it as I've read this can work for some,  took it off today no buffeting but very  noisy so rather than buying every screen available I'm going for the rated airflow however the kappa is slightly cheaper than the givi , am I right that both are operated by the same family so are exactly the same product?

Rusty Nuts:
Identical, I'd say, apart from the words Givi and Kappa.

 :thumb: thanks that's cleared that up .

kappa airstream arrived this week first chance I've had today to get out and test it. very impressed ,its transformed the bike for me anyway . I got it from Fuorigiriweb (italy) on amazon. I've no ties with them but got it for £92.60 + free delivery. so anyone wants a givi airflow and save a few ££s its a good price.

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Echo the above, bought the same screen for my 2013 Glee, massive difference. Worth the expenditure.


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