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Chaps and Chapesess,
I had a petrol blow back when filling today and had some spray on the inside of the screen, and now have a milky stain on the inside of the screen which despite all efforts - just won't fully disappear.
Anyone suffered similar and found a magic solution?
Cheers in case!
Thanks in hope.

Barbel Mick:
I take no responsibility for any further damage if you try either of these.............
Toothpaste or baking soda, mixed to a paste, are both mild abrasives, if all else has failed and you've not tried these?

Rusty Nuts:
A chap I deliver to did the same to his Multistrada. Had to buy a new screen. Acrylic and polycarbonate behave slightly differently, don't know which is better or which he had or which you've got. Good luck.

Mr Nick:
Fenwicks Windowize is pretty good at getting rid of surface hazing & scratches: don't know how bad your petrol damage is or if it'll help though.

You could always buy a car plastic headlight cleaning kit if all else fails.They are not expensive.


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