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Joe Rocket:
Just bought a pair of McKinley Trekker Microlite bags. 5° and pack down to 30 x 30cm (12 x 8") for 50€ each. Smallest and warmest I've seen for years at a reasonable price.  :thumb:

Looks and sounds good. Have you actually tried it out yet in "the field"? I've been looking for a new sleeping bag as last couple I've bought although they promise to keep me snug just don't live up to their claims. Been looking at getting a 5 season one but not cheap.


Joe Rocket:
No Nick, not yet. It's got to be better than the last Mummy bag I bought from Go Outdoors. That was rated 10°C and was fine for Summer but cold mornings in

Rusty Nuts:
I am deeply suspicious of manufacturers' ratings, much like the "three man" sizings on many of their tents. 5° probably means you will not actually die of hypothermia, but won't be very comfortable.

Joe Rocket:
Have to be fair RN, the rating says that below 5°C , and I quote, "In the risk range (-8° to +5°) a strong sensation of cold has to be expected. There is a risk of health damage by hypothermia".

It does not tell you to be sensible and wear warm clothes as well or cover the sleeping bag with another layer. Nor does it tell you to sleep on a raised matress/bed and not directly on the floor or ground. I'm sure the more serious propositions for trekking have been 'tested' with some scientific aim in mind but can't really tell you what you will experience, you might like to sleep naked for example.  :shock:

I think it's more a disclaimer, like a paper cup containing coffee might carry the warning "contents may be hot!".  Told you so!!!  :haha:


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