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Steve T:
Suzuki DL1000 L4 V-Strom Spares for sale

The following items for sale came off my 2014 v-Strom:

TT Stainless Steel Pannier racks - £135 + P&P

Arrow Exhaust - £200 + P&P (heavy item)

Tuono Mirrors - £35 + P&P

R&G Big Foot - £10 + P&P

Front mudguard Riser (from the USA) - £25 posted

Suzuki Tank Bag & mount (both made by SW Motech) - £65 + P&P

Home made Exhasut vale cover (covers the cables more) - £5 + plus p&P

All of the above items are used but in good condition.
All associated parts are present for each item.
Postage & packaging costs to be added unless otherwise stated.

Steve T


Quality items there, SteveT - so it's gone, then! Joining Traitors corner? :icon_wink:

Steve T:
Thanks Gassoon.

The bike has been cleaned of extras before going to a dealers in Aberdeen at the end of the month for something a tad smaller, to join the 600 Transalp and the F800GS in the garage, so I think I already qualify for traitors corner  :lala:

Steve T


I agree with Gassoon nice quality items there Steve good luck with selling them and with something new  :thumb:

Steve T:
Thanks Asmith61  :thumb:

Now, does anyone out there want to purchase any of this gear?

Steve T



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