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Hello all,

I'm planning a trip to Spain and Portugal next year with my pal and his dad and am on the lookout for a decent camp bed.

I was looking at the inflatable type, but my mate who's in the forces says that in a hot climate an inflatable bed with draw sweat and keep me too hot etc, and that being off the ground so air can circulate underneath is a better option.

With that said, can anyone recommend a good camping cot/bed that packs down small.

I've seen heaps on eBay etc but am wary of the build quality.

You help, views and experiences are appreciate, as always  :thumb:

The basic ones in go outdoors for about £15 are robust enough.
A few mates use them and they're not twiglets... not saying Juv and Locky and weighing in at 25 stone either lol

Just a thought, have you looked at the prices of camp sites compared to basic B&B/hotels/hostels in Spain ? I've found that there is not always a huge difference.

Hello Sage

Yes, we've looked at B&B's, but we like the freedom of not beholding to a booking. For example, if we're midway through the Picos and want to camp down, we can.

Fair enough ....Bon voyage  :auto-dirtbike: :auto-dirtbike:


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