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Helmet Recommendations

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Looking at getting a new helmet, and just wondered what people think/recommend. Just sold my c3 pro, as it was just dreadful. I obviously had the wrong shaped head. I’m currently using an old Shoei xr1000, which feels great. Shoei shape suits. Shoei & Arai etc, are just so expensive. I know it’s important etc etc.....

Fat Rat:
I had the Shoei XR1000 and now the XR1100, both fit my mutant, fishbowl head. I am tempted by the Neotec (flip), from what I can see, the Neotech 2 isn't £300 better than the Neotech 1, so that might be a bargain.

I agree with your assessment of the C3 pro, but the C4 is shaped more oval and I have been using one every day for a year now and it feels great. I used a Givi flip front which is surprisingly comfortable and better vented than the C4 but noisier. 

Thanks fellas.  👍

I've got a Shoei Neotec 1 and think it's a great helmet.  Comfy and relatively quiet in clean air.  But the issue for me lies with how it works behind a screen, it's just not as good.  I get quite a lot of buffetting.


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