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Road 5 Trail - Front replaced after 15400 miles

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Jeff in Wales:
This is my second front Road 5 Trail.

Hoped this front would last until the rear needed replacing again and was then going to try something different just out of interest, but was not to be. Have no complaints with the Road 5 trails.

Didn't shop around, went to my regular local (A&D Motorcycles, Denbigh), cost £145.6 fitted.

15,400 miles? I'd be happy with that! Looks fairly even too.

I was thinking the same  :thumb:

How many miles did you get out of the rear?

My rear Road 5 trail is starting to feel a bit dodgy after 7000 miles, front is probably OK, not sure though I might change back to Roadtec 01, they felt grippier from what I remember.

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is it just me or does that tyre look like a sharpei? dog.


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