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New Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 tyre

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Rhino VStrom:
Bridgestone comes with a successor for the popular A40 tyre. The Battlax A41. This tyre has because of the compound and structure even more stability. It will be available in January.
And I'm going to test it :icon_wink:

In me shed:
I'd be interested in your opinion, I've got 9k on my rear so will be due a new one soon.

Do you have any links for these press release pictures ? I can't read the information as they are.

old git:
More claims from a tyre manufacturer that can't be verified. Every time there's a new tyre there are claims it does everything better than its predecessor. After 40 years of listening to this bollocks I do concede that in terms of grip modern tyres are a vast improvement on what I rode on in the seventies. I still struggle to get 3.5k from a set of tyres no matter what bike I ride. Given all the claimed incremental improvements in mileage performance over the years, why don't the tyres outlive the bike?
Over the last few years I've tried just about every popular tyre and have enjoyed superb grip and lousy mileage.
Currently well into my third set with a bit over 8k on my V-Strom.

Hate to be cynical but just another set of round black things ????

It amuses me how they show the tyres off road but never like to admit that they are are useless.


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