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Glee (650 AL3) electrical connector waterproofing

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OK thanks for the tip - I would probably stick the can on top of the radiator where I warm my gloves ;-) are there any cheaper alternatives or is that the stuff to go for?

Use ACF50. You can get a big bottle for about  £35 off ebay but you don't need to use much and it goes a long way. You can pour a bit on a rag and rub it over all the metal (just avoid brakes/discs/tyres). I poured a cap full into every connector I could find before covering. If you can't get the tank off, see if you can add a flap above the radiator to prevent water getting in.  :thumb:

Raffles, a lazy way to protect the connectors is to buy an aerosol 'spray grease' and liberally spray the non waterproof connectors visible above the rad, as a backup, cut some foam to block the gap between the top of the rad & frame to prevent water getting in there in the first place.
My connectors were perfect after 2 winters, when I stripped them and did them properly this year.

An annoying oversight by Suzuki if you know (and do something) about it, a major PITA & design flaw if you don't!!!

Thanks blokes, much appreciated. I'm thinking the radiator will get hot in summer. Does the type of foam matter? I've got an old sponge that might fit in the gap nicely but is there a danger it will melt?


Ha ha the forum auto-replaced  g-u-y-s  with  b-l-o-k-e-s  - reads kind of funny!


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