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Glee (650 AL3) electrical connector waterproofing

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If it's a sponge, then won't it add to the issue by absorbing all the water and sitting there sopping? I'd use heat resistant rubber...

G's to Blokes is part of the Americanism filter the boss deploys on the forum... bit like 'Donkey'  lol

Fat Rat:

--- Quote from: Raffles on February 23, 2017, 14:29:44 ---reads kind of funny!
--- End quote ---

Reads kind of English!

King Orry:
Jeez.. I've not done that and ridden through all kids of weather without a worry.
Now I'll feel vulnerable if I sneeze..  :shock:

Rusty Nuts:
Don't worry, you'll be fine ....... for another year or so...... :stirpot:

I've not done anything either. Although I did spray a lot of ACF50 when I cleaned it and hoped for the best.


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