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Glee (650 AL3) electrical connector waterproofing

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On my intro post, somebody replied and advised me to get the electrical connectors behind the radiator waterproofed: http://www.v-strom.co.uk/smf/index.php?topic=31605.msg312950#msg312950

I was very grateful for the advice as I rely on my bike as a main form of transport and never had any electrical problems on previous bikes so need my Glee to be as reliable! I did a search on the forum and the only posts I found seem to apply to the VStrom 1000... so the question is, is this a problem for the Glee (650 AL3) also, or have they changed the design so that it isn't a problem?

I ride all year round commuting so will definitely need protecting from rain if this is an issue. However, I get very little time to spend maintaining my bike - I struggle to keep an eye on basics like the brake pads wearing out, chain needing tensioning etc. certainly never remove any part of the bike let alone anything major like the tank which somebody mentioned... so the next question what is the easiest way to do the water proofing?

I haven't picked it up from the dealer yet so would it be reasonable for me to ask them to do this as part of their final inspection of the bike before I pick it up on Sat?


You may find this thread useful ....
.... I should be picking up a Glee tomorrow, so I'm also looking for things to do, like waterproofing connectors.

Basically get the tank/airbox off (latter can be a pain) and do this:

Water comes over the top of the radiator and causes corrosion. The mods in the link also help. I've had two electrical issues in 16 months so not impressed with Suzuki's electrics as like you, my bike is my main form of transport. Have flagged the issue to Suzuki but they're not interested.

Thanks. Being realistic taking the tank off is something I know I won't get round to but what I picked up from the thread was to get a can of ACF 50 and give it a good spray - not a perfect solution but something I might actually do! Never heard of that stuff before so that's a big plus for me - Cheers

ACF50 is wonderful stuff, and certainly keeps the rust at bay. But it's expensive, and the spray cans don't work very well, particularly in cold weather, unless you warm them up a bit - standing the can in a bucket of hottish water for 10 minutes helps!


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