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My Trailwings have done more than 7k and getting low on tread. They will probably be OK for another 1500-2000miles. that's about 2 months of riding for me. I have started to look for new tyres and I have just ordered a set of Avon Trailrider for £166 from Oponeo. I couldn't decide between them and Michelin PR4. I know that michelin is very good but price of Avon Trailriders and few reviews on other forums and earth-roamers blog convinced me to try something different.:roll:  Hopefully I didn't make an expensive mistake :shock:

Little update. Well I have done a little bit more on Trailwings than I have anticipated. I am currently at 11.5k miles and there was a little bit more than 1mm of thread on them.
I have my IAM test shortly and decided to put new tyres on so I get used to them. I must say WOW! Big difference!  :bow-blue: First of all handlebars wobble (if you take your hands off) has gone completely, second it seems like those tyres transfer less vibrations from uneven surface to your handlebars and third they stick like glue in the bends. I feel more confident with trailriders than with trailwings. :lala: I haven't tested them in wet yet but all seems very good. I am very happy with them. Now lets wait and see how long they last and how they behave in wet. They also have a M+S marking on sidewall. Is that mean its all season tyre?  :icon_wink:

M&S = Mud & Snow.


I feel that, within about 3000kms I will change both OE Tyres.
Seeing that the original BW501-BW502 do not give me much confidence, especially in rainy conditions, I have been evaluating the replacement by Pirelli Scorpion Trail or, Avon Trail Rider.

Is there someone who has mounted them (Avon) and can tell me their impressions with them?

My usual conditions of use:

30% Highways and fast roads.
30% Intercity routes.
40% trips and trips on rural, mountain roads, many of them in very poor condition.

I do not make forest tours or mounts.

I'm interested:

Grip in  wet conditions.
Grip in roads in poor condition.
I have no problems with the duration, I value the range of use more.

I know that one option would be to ride Touring sport Tyres, but I believe that I would lose reliability on mountain and rural roads.

I supose that in this forum somebody use the Avons.
Here, in Spain, they are not ususal. Most of the users ride with Anakees, Scorpion Trail or and Metzeler Tourance Next.


Hello BB,I along with a lot of others really like the stability and wet grip of the Metzler Tourance Next.I went on holiday to your area last year and had no problems whatsoever,(apart from the rainy days).We used the N260 every day,and as you will be well aware that can be challenging in the wet.I prefer a tyre that I can rely on rather than one that lasts a long time but feels rubbish and gives you no confidence.


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