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What bike have you got?


Your "Bike" field from your old profile has not transferred over to the profile on the new smf host.

So, please go to "Profile", "Modify Profile", "Forum Profile", fill in the "Bikes you own" field and click "Change Profile".

This will help you to get a sensible reply to any questions raised, as the replies can be model specific.

Fat Rat:
It's a good idea to check all of your profile info while you are there. Anyone who hasn't uploaded their own Avatar will see the default image.  :thumb:

How do you change profile on Tapatalk as I rarely use the laptop nowadays?


Please can everyone put their bike model in their profile. See HERE for how to do so.

We still get questions asked where the first reply from the experts is "which model have you got?"

So, stick a model in your profile and get a quicker answer  :thumb:


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