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--- Quote from: Fat Rat on August 15, 2017, 17:52:27 ---If people weren't generally illiterate then there would be no need for the sites many autocorrect interventions.
--- End quote ---
I totally share your irritation at the illiteracy of the great unwashed, but surely it's infinitely more irritating to have an autocorrect facility that (a) changes correct text to incorrect text (b) does so without actively flagging the change to the user and (c) has no method of overriding it.  I mean, really, is it genuinely better to make 100% certain that brand names like 'Suzuki' always gets upper-cased whenever they appear, rather than having helpful URLs posted by members getting munged as above, much to everyone's confusion?

Anyway, it's your site not mine, so I'll shut up now before I get myself banned!  :grin:

Fat Rat:
a) Some of the changes are intended to be humourous (or at least make me laugh)

b) This software doesn't have the option(s)

c) It would be genuinely better if people posted a simple 'X feature is causing Y problem' in the Site Feedback section so that we are aware and can consider changing it, rather than whinging like girls  :smirk:

Barbel Mick:
Maybe if posters proof read what they write & edit where necessary................................

Quote removed

You're right of course, but more people than we realise don't have a clue that they've punctuated or spelt badly so would be clueless in a proof reading situation.
If people don't have a lifelong habit of reading (and caring about accuracy) they miss picking up cues.
I blame our education systems ..... blah,blah   :old:)
So they're, their, there!       
"better THAN, better THEN" , arghh

...................well this post has cheered me up on a wet Sunday morning ........lol


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