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The Dodgy Place Name Game

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How it works:
You find a sign for one of the places in the list.
You take a picture of your V-Strom next to the sign, the sign must be clearly visible.
You can be in the picture yourself if you'd like.
You then post the picture up in this thread.
The first person to get the picture gets their name mentioned in the list.
Other people can still post pictures of their bike at the same sign, but get no list mention.
If you find one that's not on the list and you post a picture, we'll add it and you get the credit!
Only pictures taken from today's date onwards count! (Today = 01/08/2014, please be honest.)[/list]

(Edit: if there really is no road sign for any of these then a picture of your satnav showing you are there will count. If someone else finds a sign after you got the credit with a satnav picture then they can claim the credit.)

Acock’s Green, Worcestershire, UK
All Alone, Gloucestershire MartinW 15 May 2016
Babes Well, Durham, UK
Bachelors Bump, Essex, UK
Backside Lane, Oxfordshire
Balls Green, Kent, England Pav 12 Sep 2015
Balls Cross, West Sussex boac 04 May 2016
Bareleg Hill, Staffordshire, UK
Barf Close, Mickleover Barbel Mick 16 Aug 2016
Barff Road, Salford In me shed 11 Aug 2016
Barking, Essex
Barton Bottom, Suffolk, UK pauljobr 09 Aug 2014
Beaver Close, Surrey
Bedlam Bottom, Hampshire, UK
Beef Lane, Oxfordshire
Beer, Devon, UK Mep 16 Nov 2019
Beggars Bush, Sussex passed her prime
Bell End near Lickey End
Bell End, Black Heath Noose7 13 Aug 2014
Bishops Itchington, Staffs, UK
Bitchfield, Lincolnshire Paul_Nicholson 14 Apr 2017
Black Dyke Lane, York Ridaz 31 Jul 2016
Boggy Bottom, Abbots Langley, Herts, UK
Booty Lane, NorthYorkshire Barbel Mick 28 May 2019
Bottoms Fold, Lancashire Offtheclockuk 21 Aug 2016
Bottom House, Derbyshire Barbel Mick 02 Sep 2017
Bottom Lane, Bottomhouse Barbel Mick 27 Aug 2016
Broadbottom, Cheshire, UK Barbel Mick 12 Sep 2015
Brown Willy, Cornwall,UK Ade8 25 Jul 21
Bush, Bude, UK
Bushygap, Northumberland, UK Barbel Mick 15 Jun 2019
Butchers Hole, Sussex veeferme 28 Feb 2016
Catholes, Cumbria
Catsgore, Somerset, UK Dibsey 28 Jul 2019
Charles Bottom, Devon, UK
Clap Hill, village in Kent, UK
Clay Bottom, Bristol, UK
Clittaford Road, Plymouth Mep 15 Jul 21
Clip Bush Lane, Scoulton, Norfolk mrp192 20 Apr 2016
Cock Alley, Calow, UK Barbel Mick 20 Sep 2017
Cock Bridge, Hope, Derbyshire, UK
Cock Clarks, Essex Asmith61 07 Jul 2017
Cock Green, nr Braintree Sasquatch 16 May 2017
Cock Hill, Chatsworth, Derbyshire 650XT Pete 22 Jul 2016
Cock Lane, Cuckoo's Knob, Wiltshire, UK MartinW 12 Sep 2014
Cock Lane, Tutts Clump, Berkshire, UK
Cock Law, Northumberland, UK
Cock and Bell Lane, Suffolk pauljobr 09 Aug 2014
Cockermouth, Cumbria KrisV 02 May 2015
Cockernhoe, nr Luton, UK
Cocking, Midhurst, West Sussex, UK boac 04 May 2016
Cocking Hill, Ollerton, UK Graham62 30 Jun 2016
Cockintake, Staffordshire, UK
Cockpit Hill, Derbyshire, UK Barbel Mick 15 Aug 2014
Cockpit Close, North Stainley, Ripon User650 29 Oct 2017
Cockplay, Northumberland, UK
Cockpole Green, Berkshire SteveO 05 June 2016
Cocks, Cornwall
Cockshoot Close, Oxfordshire MartinW 05 Mar 2015
Cockshot, Northumberland, UK Barbel Mick 15 Jun 2019
Cockshut Lane, Melbourne, Derbyshire Barbel Mick 16 Aug 2016
Cockshutt Lane, Dodford, Bromsgrove Jester Rich 10 Apr 2016
Cockshutt Wood, Sheffield, UK
Cocksmoss Lane, Congleton, Cheshire Hondaman 21 Jan 2017
Cockup Lake District, Cumbria. UK
Cockwood, Devon, UK Mep 02 Feb 2020
Coldwind, Cornwall, UK
Crackington Haven, Cornwall, UK Mep 25 Apr 2021
Crackpot, North Yorkshire, UK StonecOld 18 Aug 2019
Crapstone, Devon Mep 27 Oct 2019
Crazies Hill, Berkshire SteveO 05 Jun 2016
Crotch Crescent, Oxford MartinW 02 Sep 2019
Cummings Street, Derby Barbel Mick 16 Aug 2016
Deans Bottom, Kent, UK
Devil's Dyke, West Sussex boac 19 Apr 2016
Devil’s Lapful, Northumberland, UK
Dick Edge Lane, Holme Valley Offtheclockuk 21 Aug 2016
Dicks Mount, Suffolk
Dogbut Lane, Cookhill, Warwickshire JesterRich 05 Apr 2016
Drinkstone, Suffolk, UK pauljobr 09 Aug 2014
Faggot, Northumberland, UK
Fanny Barks, Durham, UK
Fanny Avenue, Derbyshire Barbel Mick 20 Sep 2017
Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire
Feltham Close, Hampshire
Feltwell, Norfolk Stealthtech 29 Nov 2020
Fingringhoe, Essex Rory57 25 Oct 2014
Flash, Staffordshire Barbel Mick 06 Apr 2015
Flesh Hovel Lane, Loughborough stonec0ld 28 Aug 2018
Flesh Shank, Northumberland, UK
Fockbury Road, Dodford, Bromsgrove Jester Rich 10 Apr 2016
Friars Entry, Oxfordshire
Fruitfall Cove, Cornwall, UK
Fudgepack upon Humber, Humberside
Gay Street, Sussex. UK boac 04 May 2016
Gays Hill, Cornwall, UK
Giggleswick, Staincliffe, Nth. Yorkshire, UK
Golden Balls, Oxfordshire, UK MartinW 02 Sep 2019
Gravelly Bottom Road, nr Langley Heath, Kent, UK
Great Cockup & Little Cockup, hills in The Lake District, UK
Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire MartinW 13 May 2019
Great Horwood, Bucks, UK Michaelhowells1985 17 Jul 2017
Great Tosson, Northumberland Barbel Mick 15 Jun 2019
Green Dicks Lane, Preston Offtheclockuk 26 Jul 2017
Grope Lane, Shropshire
Grundy's Close, Tyldesley In me shed 17 Aug 2016
Hadbutt Lane, Tyldesley In me shed 17 Aug 2016
Hampton Gay, Oxfordshire, UK MartinW 02 Sep 2019
Happy Bottom, Dorset
Helstone, Cornwall, UK
Helmet Street, Manchester In Me Shed -7 Mar 2017
Hole Bottom, Yorkshire, UK
Hole of Horcum, North Yorkshire
Holly Bush, Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK
Honey Knob Hill, Wiltshire MartinW 03 Aug 2014
Honeypot Lane, Leicestershire
Hooker Road, Norwich
Hookers Farm, West Sussex boac 29 May 2016
Horncastle, Linconshire
Horneyman, Kent, UK
Hornyold Road, Malvern Wells, UK
Horwood, Devon, UK Mep 27 Oct 2019
Isis Way, Hilton, Derbyshire Barbel Mick 30 Jun 2016
Jeffries Passage, Surrey
Jolly’s Bottom, Cornwall, UK
Juggs Close, EastSussex
Knob Fields, Castle Gresley, South Derbyshire Barbel Mick 16 Aug 2016
Knockerdown, Derbyshire, UK Barbel Mick 15 Aug 2014
Knockin, Shropshire pb 22 Sep 2016
Lacock, Wiltshire
Ladyhole Lane, Yeldersly, Ashbourne, Derbyshire Barbel Mick 15 Aug 2014
Letch Lane, Bourton-on-the-Water, The Cotswolds, UK
Lickar Moor, Northumberland, UK
Lickers Lane, Merseyside
Lickey End, Worcestershire, UK Barbel Mick 16 Aug 2016
Lickfold, West Sussex
Lickpenny Lane, Matlock, Derbyshire Barbel Mick 30 Jun 2016
Little Horwood, Bucks, UK Michaelhowells1985 17 Jul 2017
Little Bushey Lane, Hertfordshire
Little Coxwell, Oxfordshire MartinW 13 May 2019
Long Lover Lane, Halifax
Lower Swell, Gloucestershire
Menlove Avenue, Liverpool
Minge Lane, Worcestershire Superbiker_uk 24 May 2020
Moisty Lane, Staffordshire Barbel Mick 12 Sep 2015
Moisty Lane, Derbyshire Dales Barbel Mick 27 Aug 2016
Nether Wallop, Hampshire
Nob End, South Lancashire, UK
Nork Rise, Surrey
North Piddle, Worcestershire
Nut Bush Lane, Torquay Mep 23 Dec 2019
Ogle Close, Merseyside
Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire
Old Sodom Lane, Wiltshire   MartinW 03 Aug 2014
Over Peover, Cheshire, UK In me shed 09 Aug 2016
Pant, Shropshire
Penistone, Sth Yorkshire, UK Sasquatch 03 Jul 2017
Piddle Lane, Cerne Abbas, Dorset TigerJohn 28 Jun 2015
Piddle River, Dorset, UK
Pork Lane, Essex Iggy 11 Apr 2015
Pound Lane, Sibford Gower, Oxfordshire MartinW 02 Sep 2019
Pratt’s Bottom, Kent Pav 13 Sep 2015
Prickwillow, Cambridgeshire pauljobr 09 Aug 2014
Pump Alley, Middlesex
Ram Alley, Wiltshire, UK MartinW 03 Aug 2014
Ramsbottom, Lancs tallpaul 17 Sep 2016
Rimswell, East Riding of Yorkshire
Sandy Balls, Hampshire
Scratchy Bottom, Dorset, UK
Shaggs, Dorset, UK
Shatton, Near Hathersage, Derbyshire Froglodyte 06 Mar 2017
Shingaycum Wendy, Buckinghamshire
Shitlingthorpe, Yorkshire, UK
Shitterton, Dorset Hugo Magnus 02 Sep 2015
Shittington,, Bedfordshire, UK
Shooters Bottom, Sussex veeferme 28 Feb 2016
Six Mile Bottom, Cambridge, UK pauljobr 09 Aug 2014
Slack Bottom, Heptonstall tallpaul 17 Sep 2016
Slag Lane, Lowton, Warrington Hondaman 08 Aug 2015
Slag Lane, Merseyside
Slip End, Beds, UK
Slippery Lane, Staffordshire Barbel Mick 30 Jun 2016
Snatchup, Hertfordshire
Sodum Lane, Marnhull, Dorset Hugo Magnus 29 Oct 2015
Spanker Lane, Derbyshire Barbel Mick 15 Aug 2014
Spitalin the Street, Lincolnshire
Splatt, Cornwall, UK
Staines, Surrey
Stow-Cum-Quy, Cambridgeshire, UK pauljobr 09 Aug 2014
Swell, Somerset
The Blind Fiddler, Cornwall, UK
The Bush, Buckinghamshire
The Furry, Cornwall
The Knob, Oxfordshire Superbiker_uk 31 May 2020
Thong, Kent Pav 04 Oct 2015
Thong Lane, Thongsbridge Offtheclockuk 21 Aug 2016
Thunderpit Lane, Derbyshire Dales Barbel Mick 27 Aug 2016
Timberhonger Lane, Upton Warren, Bromsgrove Jester Rich 10 Apr 2016
Tinkerbush Lane, Oxfordshire MartinW 05 Mar 2015
Titcomb, near Inkpen, Berkshire, UK MartinW 03 Jun 2019
Titlington Mount, Northumberland
Titty Hill, Sussex, UK
Titty Ho, Northamptonshire Twiggy 08 Aug 2014
Tom Tit Lane, Malden, Essex Wurzel 24 Jan 2016
Tosside, Lancashire Hondaman 09 May 2016
Turkey Cock Lane, Colchester, Essex, UK pauljobr 09 Aug 2014
Twitty Fee, Danbury, Essex Asmith61 04 Jul 2017
Ugley, Essex
Upper Bleeding, Sussex, UK
Upper Chute, Hampshire, UK
Upper Dicker & Lower Dicker, East Sussex, UK
Upperthong, West Riding, Yorkshire, UK Lucan 28 Jan 2016
Wash Dyke, Norfolk, UK
Weathercock Hill, Chevington, Suffolk pauljobr 29 Aug 2014
Weedon Lois, Northampton
Weedon, in the Parish of Hardwick, Buckinghamshire, UK Michaelhowells1985 17 Jul 2017
Weeford, Staffordshire, UK Barbel Mick 30 Jun 2016
Wet Rain, Yorkshire, UK
Wetwang, East Yorkshire
WhamBottomLane, Lancashire tallpaul 17 Sep 2016
Wideopen, Newcastle, UK Barbel Mick 15 Jun 2019
Willey, Warwickshire
Wincle, Cheshire Barbel Mick 20 Sep 2017
Winkle Street, Southampton
Wormegay, Norfolk, UK

Ardfork, Aberdeenshire
Ardgay, Ross & Cromarty, UK
Assloss, Ayrshire, Scotland
Backside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Backside, Banffshire, Scotland
Ballownie, Angus, UK
Blackdikes, Angus
Bladda, Paisley
Forest Dyke Road, Lanarkshire
Boghead, Ayrshire
Boysack, Angus, Scot.
Brokenwind, Aberdeenshire
arse of Lewis, Hebrides, Scotland, UK
Cock Bridge, Aberdeenshire JonJo 14 May 2016
Cock of Arran, Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK
Cumloden Court, Dumfries and Galloway
Dick Court, Lanarkshire
East Breast, Inverclyde
Fannyfield, Ross and Cromarty, UK
Fattiehead, Banffshire, Scotland
Hillo’ManyStanes, Scotland
Inchbare, Angus, uk
Inchinnan Drive, Renfrewshire
Inchmore, Aberdeenshire
Merkins Avenue, West Dumbartonshire
Stripeside, Banffshire, UK
Tarty, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
The Bastard, a mountain in Scotland, uk
Twatt, Orkney

Bullyhole Bottom, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK
Cat’s Ash, Monmouthshire, Wales
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Barbel Mick 14 Jul 2019
Pant-y-Felin Road, Swansea
Penisarwaen, village in Gwynedd, UK
Sodom, Flintshire, Wales, UK
Splott, Cardiff, Wales
St.Mellons, Cardiff
Stop-and-Call, Pembrokeshire, UK
Tarts Hill, Flintshire, Wales, UK
Three Cocks, Aberllynfi 650XT Pete 02 Sep 2016

Northern Ireland:
Need some entries here

Muff, Donegal, Republic of Ireland Barbel Mick 04 Jul 2015

And some bonus street and place names in/around London:
Back Passage, London
Mincing Lane, London LusyLew 21 Aug 2019
Mudchute, London
Percy Passage, London
Swallow Passage, London
Trump Street, London
Cumming Street, London
Cockfoster, London
Dick Turpin Lane, London
Cock Hill, London
Titley Close, London
Cockbush Avenue, London

prostitute Road, Norwich

 :shrug:  :shrug:  :shrug:

Bugger in in Norwich for a few days but without the bike :'( :'(


--- Quote from: "user650" ---Bugger in in Norwich for a few days but without the bike :'( :'(
--- End quote ---

that's lucky.... Cause you'll spend a long time looking for Prostitute road, Norwich......cause it don't exist!

Aye Sam, but how much fun would it be to ask a copper where the prostitute road is?! :)


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