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Gassoon, a long time member of the forum, has come up with a suggestion to have a thread dedicated to saving quotes that define V-Strom.co.uk so that they aren't lost. Or as he put it:

--- Quote from: "Gassoon" ---People on this forum come out with some classic statements, which are lost as the mists of time descend over the thread in which they appeared... It seems a shame.
--- End quote ---
This thread was created for the purpose of saving these poor quips from a terrible fate: from being forgotten :bawl:

Gassoon has volunteered to be "Quotes Museum Curator" and will collect these for safe keeping for future generations. No one can expect of him to find all the good ones by himself. Thousands of posts were already made and many thousands are still to come on this busy forum. We ask that if you come across something funny, be that in an old thread or a new one, that you quote it here in this thread.

He explains what he is looking for:

--- Quote from: "Gassoon" ---The quotes are standalone statements which are amusing in themselves, or pithy; but which somehow express the qualities of the forum.

Just a quick set of examples:

LaKraven wrote: "I'd bet my bottom dollar that our unelected, nanny-state, moronic, government arseholes will make them illegal by the end of the year!"

doboy said "I think in the future as the oil runs out only the rich & powerfull will have access to cars we,ll be back to riding a thing with a leg on each corner ...y-a-a-h-o-o .. "

jackmeoff said: "...I paid over 250 quid for this jacket because of the goretex name and it may as well be a teabag..."

just a brief quote which may or may not be humorous, but which somehow represents the character of the forum...
--- End quote ---
The idea is not to only have quotes in this thread so feel free to "lol" or lol or :groan: as you see fit :thumb:

Glad this is actually happening :)

My first contribution then, from the Wanted section, I thought the way this was put was hilarious:

--- Quote from: "rosielou88" ---Following my recent unscheduled dismount I am on the lookout for a few things firstly I'm after a screen for my '57 plate wee also the bracket to mount it on the bike :) cheers
--- End quote ---
From now on if I fall off it was simply an "unscheduled dismount" lol

Contender for 'Best Thread Title 2012'


Yes, on Monday, January 9th, 2012, Dan The Man used those words to describe his Strom oil issue. Say the three words slowly, savour them.......................................lovely. Now phone me up and say them again.

--- Quote from: "Dan The Man" --- Milky Spy hole

Sounds like some kind of dodgy red light district film but noticed this the other day

Spy window has take a turn for the worse and gone all white (barely visible oil level) not really the best thing to notice on a new 1700 mile bike :(
--- End quote ---

lol.. Lovely. I feel a bit sick now..


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