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Pannier liner/inner bag

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The Big Dog:
Good evening I have a 2015 Desert Vstrom 1000 with integrated panniers. Does anyone have any recommendations for liners/inner bags for these panniers? Thanks in advance

Oop North John:
I have the same panniers on my 2020 650 and have a set of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173437983949?hash=item2861b59ccd:g:UZ0AAOSwoudW2vFY though I'm pretty sure I paid less for them. The exhaust side comes with a piddly little bag which I don't bother with. You can overfill them so that the panniers don't shut, but otherwise them seem to work OK.

I have the same set as Oop North John, in fact it is my old bike pictured on their web site. As he says the little bag for the exhaust side is useless and has been used by me over the years for something else. However, the other two are OK, and as my 1000 has gone for the 650, are available free to a good home. PM me if interested

The Big Dog:
Pm sent

old git:
I have always used camping dry sacks. Much cheaper and much more likely to keep water out should the luggage leak.


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