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fork brace torque

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how much torque do I need to close the bolt in the fork brace ?

Mr Nick:
What does the maker of the fork brace suggest?

the fork brace from cosmo - greece . it was written 5 nm but it seems very low to me

The screws are tiny so I'd say 5nm is about right. Bicycles use around 5nm for their stems and seat posts so I don't think you have too much to worry about for the fork brace. Remember inner screws tightened first and outer ones second. There'll be a small gap on the outer.
Also if you remove the front wheel, you may need to remove the fork brace to get the wheel to reinstall correctly and then refit the brace - I find there's a tiny gap between the spacer and fork leg if I don't.

Mr Nick:
5Nm isn't much below the standard setting for 6mm screws & nuts in my old Guzzi manual I have to hand so I would go with what the chap who makes them says as he knows the material he's using.


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