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Rear brake assembly problems

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Number 10 should be inside 11 and number 9 should go through number 10 and screwed into the hanger.

Maybe you have number 10 left over ?

The spacers that I have left are not on any of the schemes you posted. I don't understand that, maybe I didn't spot it and it was like this before. Just the bolt wasn't screwed in all the way so it wasn't secure. Only think I can think of is to buy a same bolt just shorter thread.  :shrug:

Kobe. Have a look at the bolt & check the length.

Last picture, You have got the floating tube in there????

Thank you for your photos. The bolt seems the same size, just the thread looks longer on mine. I snapped the last one. That's how I noticed something is wrong. I set torque wrench and kept going and snapped at the end. I took it to wee moto and I tried today and I think that's why it snapped. It couldn't go any further than disc. I have the floating tube in there. I am getting lost :D


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