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Rear brake assembly problems

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Good evening everyone,
 Hope you are well. I am a proud owner of k5 650 Storm, but I have a bit of a problem. I am at the finish line of rebuilding brake callipers. I have two spacers left and I don't know why and where from. Also when mounting rear caliper I noticed that mounting bolt is going through everything until it hits the disc. There is no chance I can tight it up. I will attach the picture of spare spacers and bolt going through the brake. Thank you so much for any help.  :ty:

Kind regards,

Can't add photos. Anyone know how to? Thank you :]

This is all that's involved in the rear brake set up as far as the caliper is concerned and how it should fit together.

The second, is one of the front calipers, they are both the same for illustration purposes.

Hello Kwackboy,
 thank you for getting back to me. That's what I don't understand. Because the bolt number 9 on Rear brake picture is so long that it go through and is hitting the brake disc on rear wheel. I didn't noticed it when I took it off, but it seems too close to disc and yet I can't get it tight enough. Thank you for your help.

That's the photo of the nut. Thank you.


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