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Hello all

New forum member here.

I am considering buying this bike:


I've had a look through the forum and as ever there will be various issues. Is there a definitive list of things to check on a  2014 1000?


Hello Your Nathan, its not a bad looking bike with just under 5000 on the clock just make sure its had the ECU recall done if it needs it that is


See if the clutch basket has been fixed too.

Wasn't there an earthing recall on them too?

That looks a nice clean bike, the first revamped version like this one did have some electrical issues, I believe the electrical block connecters under the tank wear not water proof & did causes strange electrical problems, also as some one  as already said they had a recall on a earth lead & some suffered from ignition switch & wiring harness rubbing under rear of fuel tank.
Worth ringing a Suzuki main dealer up with the bike reg number & they should be able to tell you if any recalls have been done.
Don't let it put you off there a great bike & no matter what make you buy they all have some sort of problems.
Good look,


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