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Summary: Waterproofing the under-tank electrical connectors on the V-Strom DL1000 (Veek Model 2014 onwards)

The original post was made by Roadrocket and can be found here.

The new V-Strom DL1000 is a great machine, however despite the efforts of Suzuki improving the overall feel and ride of the bike, there is a hidden weakness, the dreaded electrical connectors. This has been topic of discussion between Veek owners. Later models seem to have had this issue rectified. Photos would be appreciated to compare later models with the first gen Veeks.

Owners have reported all sorts of strange happenings, bike cutting out, ignition coming on by itself, lights flashing etc. Upon lifting the tank and removing the airbox, sit a collection of electrical connectors, some waterproof, some not. Now why these aren't all waterproof I don't understand as they should be! Given they are mounted just above and behind the radiator and under the air intake, they are exposed to harsh weather. Some owners have posted photos of the white connector almost totally corroded after 11,000 miles of winter riding.

So I took the preventative steps to water proof mine given it has only done mostly dry miles.

With the tank removed you can see the connectors the white one (ignition key loom) is not a waterproof sealed type, whilst the grey one is.

With the airbox removed exposes them all, it's a water trap here, bad location to mount any connectors. Bear in mind also that water will run down the cable looms from the handle bar controls and end up straight into these connectors. So even when you're washing your bike down, they are bound to get wet....

Thankfully the connectors here are in good condition given the bike is 12months old with 1200 Summer miles on the clock.

I applied some grease to the connectors then cut up an old bicycle innertube, sleeved the connectors then tie wrapped the side facing the elements.

The connectors on the right are waterproof having rubber gaskets within the connectors, however I would advise ALL the connectors are split and sealed within a rubber tube. Hopefully this should cure corrosion and stop chafing.

Finally on the airbox I noticed a cable had been rubbing on the tank, you can see white paint on the sleeve

So little rubber was placed for protection

I've done this mod on my DR250 all weather bike and have never had a problem since with random electrical faults, particularly in the winter riding months.

Fingers crossed I've improved wet riding reliability a little! Please post photos of your modifications it would be nice to see what Suzuki have done on later models to rectify this issue.
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