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Web Bike World blog including links to wiring diagrams

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See http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycles ... s/blog.htm

The UK wiring diagram is at http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycles ... -world.jpg

[edit] And common TORQUE VALUES

Good spot, thanks Pat! I added a link to those torque values, and 'stickied'.

the 2nd link won't work for me  :shrug:

Disable ScriptSafe/NoScript and other such extensions, worked for me after I did that.

The second link does like to be difficult, maybe because it is so large. I had to restart my browser once to get it to work. If you get a black screen or some other odd image except for a page error, you can right click and select save to save it to your computer. Then the saved local copy works. It can also work better if you use the first link and find the link to the wiring diagram on that page. If you really want it, it's possible.


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