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[0012] Auxiliary Fuse Boxes
« on: April 20, 2014, 19:49:21 »
Summary: Circuit diagrams showing the options available for wiring in an Auxiliary Fuse Box
The original post was made by MartinW and can be found here.

Option 1
Using a Fuse Box with two sets of connectors. This allows a set of connections direct from the Battery and a set of switched lives too.

If using a Fuse Box with only one set of connections, then you can either wire the box direct to the battery (per the right hand half of the drawing) or wire it as a switched live (per the left hand half of the drawing).

Option 2
Using just a set of termination blocks and using them to provide a set of switched live connections. This diagram was provided by Greywolf and was posted in the same original thread.

If you do not want this to be a switched live, then you can wire the blocks direct to the battery. To do this, miss out the relay and wire the battery direct to the distribution block.

IMPORTANT - Which ever route you take, make sure the wire sizes and fuse values are appropriate for whatever you have got connected.
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