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Which rectifier/regulator?

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Barbel Mick:
@ Kev, you've posted in a thread that's 7 years old mate, might be better starting a new one with the same question in the V-Strom specific discussion section.
But in the meantime I would test the output of the stator again before you do anything.
You just need a multimeter and you should get between 13.5 & 14volts across the battery terminals at 3000 rpm.


Mr Nick:

I don't see what difference the age of the thread is if it's the same question?
Some of the answers posted years ago might still be relevant.

yeah, but the Op hasn't been on here since 2014 and Juvecu hasn't been on in 18 months.

you're not likely to get an answer out of them.

But I'll pester Juv at the August Bank Holiday meet if that helps - He hangs around with Jacko down the bottom end of the field, unless they crossed Fat Rat's palm with silver for the Honda Hut.  :obscene-drinkingchug:

In all seriousness - if you don't want to spend the £300 for genuine Suzuki Reg/rec contact Electrex World and ask them for a price- they have more options than what they list on the website if your bike isn't listed. - Used them numerous times when I worked in a dealers.
Avoid Chinese stuff on sites like ebay and Wemoto


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